Decimal Lab is currently not hiring any students.


Volunteer Opportunity

Winter Term 2015

Decimal lab is looking for a student interested in media research, specifically feature films. This research is linked to an ongoing project at Decimal Lab entitled the Fabric of Digital Life Archive. 

We are looking for a student with an interest in emerging technology and its appearance in feature films (ex. Iron Man, Elysium, Chappie, Star Trek).


  • Working with the archive team to complete the feature films present in the archive
  • Watching and clipping relevant feature films for the archive
  • Clips will be featuring the use of wearable, carryable, implantable, and/or bionic technology
  • **Note: Training on the archive metadata will be provided

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Being trained on digital humanities archiving
  • Contributing to the intellectual property of the project
  • Working in a research lab and with a research team

Inquires can be sent to decimal.lab.uoit@gmail.com