Decimal Alumni

Jeremiah BaarbeJeremy Baarbé

Research Assistant

Jeremy Is currently attending law school at the University of Ottawa. He holds a Master’s of Arts degree in Criminology from UOIT. He worked with the Decimal Lab from January of 2013 until December 2014. Jeremy’s work focus while at Decimal Lab was primarily on the establishment of and contribution to the Fabric of Digital Life Archive. He co-authored a paper on the project and delivered this research at ISMAR in Adelaide, Australia 2013.

Fun Fact: Jeremy takes pride in contributing a large part of his time to social justice advocacy and advocating for

Tameka Bailey - Decimal LabTameka Bailey

Research Assistant – Archivist Team Member

Tameka has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Criminology and Justice with a minor in Legal Studies at UOIT as well as a diploma in Police Foundations from Durham College. Currently, Tameka is pursuing the Master Infrastructure Protection and International Security at Carelton University. Tameka joined the Decimal Lab team in winter of 2015 as part of the archive team project. She has since stayed on to become the senior archivist at Decimal Lab working on populating and expanding the Fabric of Digital Life Archive.

Fun fact: Tameka wants to travel the world with a camera.

Nicole-BiltonNicole Bilson

Research Assistant – Archivist Team Member

Nicole recently completed a post-grad certificate in Youth Justice and Intervention at Durham College. Nicole has also completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Forensic Psychology, with a minor in Criminology and Justice, at UOIT. She worked with Decimal Lab from January 2015 to May 2015 as a member of the first ever archive team. This team contributed, edited, and evaluated the Fabric of Digital Life Archive.

Fun Fact: Nicole volunteers at the local soup kitchen, and is working towards her goal of running 5k.

Danielle Dawson - Decimal LabDanielle Dawson

Research Assistant

Danielle completed an MA in the Sociology of Information and Communication Technology at Queen’s University with a focus in Surveillance Studies. Her thesis work investigated the climate surrounding radio frequency identification technology in its capacity to operate as a mechanism of human surveillance. Broadly entered interested in sorting current articulations of increasingly networked societies, Danielle holds positions as a Research Associate at UOIT in both Health Sciences and the Social Science and Humanities. Danielle joined the Decimal lab team in the summer of 2015. She is currently assisting on several writing projects as well as working with the Fabric of Digital Life Archive.

Fun Fact: Danielle is devoted to the pursuit of new cultural experiences. She has visited over 20 countries and lived in three.

Ryan-duntinRyan Duntin

Research Assistant – Archivist Team Member

Ryan recently graduated from the Criminology and Justice Studies BA (Hons) at UOIT. He worked with Decimal Lab from January 2015 to May 2015 as a member of the first ever archive team. This team contributed, edited, and evaluated the Fabric of Digital Life Archive.

Untitled1Lyuba Encheva

Research Assistant

Lyuba Encheva is a PhD candidate in the Joint Programme of Communication and Culture at York and Ryerson Universities. Lyuba has been involved in a number of projects at the Decimal Lab. As one of the founding contributors to the Reality/Shifting Tumblr blog, she has amassed a great amount of content on emerging trends and inventions in the sphere of wearable technologies, bodily prosthetics, body implants, nanotechnology and everyday communication technologies. Her contributions were invaluable for the initial accumulation of readership for the blog. In addition to that, Lyuba has attended a number of academic and cultural events of relevance to ongoing research at the lab. One of these was a joint presentation with Dr. Pedersen at the 37th annual meeting of the Semiotic Society of America. Their co-authored paper, entitled “‘One Day…’: Google’s Project Glass, Integral Reality, and Predictive Advertising”, was later published by Continuum, The Journal of Media and Cultural Studies.

Lyuba’s PhD research on the rhetorical impact of games and gamification discourse is also part of the work the Decimal Lab does in partnership with IMMERSe (The Interactive and Multi-Modal Experience Research Syndicate based at the University of Waterloo). Its goal is to investigate the social and cultural implications of the introduction of game design principles in the design of everyday interactions and environments. Her dissertation entitled Gamification: The Magical Circle of Technology will be completed by the end of Summer 2016.

curtisCurtis Gaunt

Research Assistant – Games Archivist

Curtis is currently in his fourth year of the Game Development and Entrepreneurship program at UOIT. He is currently the President of the Game Development Society at UOIT/DC. During his time at the lab in the spring of 2015, he conducted in-game captures of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to be added to the Fabric of Digital Life Archive. He returned to Decimal Lab in Spring 2016 to archive Deus Ex: Human Evolution. This is all part of a larger research project focusing on exoskeleton technologies.

Fun Fact: Curtis’s favourite game is the Warcraft series.

cassy-goulding-headshot-resizedCassy Goulding

Research Assistant – Archivist Team Member

Cassy recently graduated from the BA in Communications at UOIT. She hopes to work within a communication department that is involved in shaping her local creative community. She worked with Decimal Lab from January 2015 to May 2015 as a member of the first ever archive team. This team contributed, edited, and evaluated the Fabric of Digital Life Archive. During her time at the lab, she also assisted the research team in communication, writing, and project documentation.

Fun Fact: Cassy is a local singer, painter, and extreme dog lover.

Favourite Films: Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park, When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride, and way too many others to list.

kayleigh-HindmanKayleigh Hindman

Event Manager for Wear Me

Kayleigh recently completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Politics and History from Trent University. Going forward in her academic studies she would like to pursue higher education obtaining either a law degree or masters degree in conflict analysis. During her time with Decimal Lab Kayleigh worked towards planning, organizing, and running the Wear Me: Art | Technology| Body academic symposium, keynote talk, art exhibit, and graduate student conference.

Fun Fact: Kayleigh likes to live vicariously through her Sims (whom she keeps naming after Shakespeare characters) and her love for Disney knows no bounds.

Stephen-KershawStephen Kershaw

Research Assistant

Stephen completed his undergraduate degree in Engineering Science with a specialization in nanotechnology at the University of Toronto and his Master’s degree in Management Science at Ryerson University. He has been working with the Decimal Lab from the summer of 2014 until the winter of 2015. The focus of his work with Decimal Lab has been constructing the front-end of theFabric of Digital Life archive.

Fun Fact: In Stephen’s free time he enjoys soccer and board games.

Shelly Kowalski - Decimal Lab, UOITShelly Kowalski

Research Assistant – Communications Team

Shelly Kowalski is an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at UOIT. A graduate of the Digital Photography program at Durham College, Shelly has spent the past few years travelling and freelancing part-time as a camera assistant for Discovery Channel and as a lifestyle photographer.

Now focusing on completing her degree in Communications and Digital Media Studies, Shelly is interested in exploring the relationship between technology, culture and the millennial generation. She joined the Communications and Marketing team at the Decimal Lab in 2015.

Fun Fact: Shelly has jumped onto a pilot boat from a moving ship in the Øresund Strait off of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cameron Nicholl - Decimal LabCameron Nicoll

Research Assistant – Junior Developer

Cameron has completed an undergraduate from the Game Development and Entrepreneurship at UOIT. He is now the CEO of his own video game company called Phantom Studios started through the Incubator program at UOIT. Cameron joined the Decimal lab team in the summer of 2014. He works to maintain technology within the lab, work on projects using various devices here at the Decimal Lab and is the acting lab photographer. Cameron has worked closely with the iMind project in recent months.

Fun Fact: Cameron has his own hobby photographer business.

Favourite childhood video game: Tales of Symphonia and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Rebecca SmithRebecca Smith

Research Assistant – Communication Specialist

Rebecca is currently working on a Masters in Social Work at the University of Toronto. She has recently graduated with a BA in Communication from UOIT, with a minor in Forensic Psychology. Rebecca worked with the Decimal Lab from September 2013 to May 2015. Her primary roles involve public relations, maintenance of social media pages, and writing blogs for Reality-Shifting.

11267251_10155575402440486_1867544790_nAmelia Zhang


Amelia is currently pursuing a degree in painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her practice incorporates digital fabrication techniques to supplement traditional craft. As an intern with the Decimal Lab between the summer of 2014 and 2015, she worked with the Narrative Clip life-logging camera to create my Lyfeloggin’thoughtz project.

Fun Fact: Amelia’s guilty pleasure is participating in eBay bidding wars.

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