Decimal Post-Doctoral Fellows

iliadis_optDr. Andrew Iliadis is the Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Media, Data, and Culture

He earned his Ph.D. in Communication and Philosophy at Purdue University. He is also Managing Editor of Figure/Ground, contributor at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Council Member at H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online (where he edits Rhetoric and Digital Rhetoric), Researcher at the Centre international des études simondoniennes, and Editorial Projects Activity Leader at the Society for the Philosophy of Information. Andrew’s research interests are in Information Ethics, Critical Data Studies, Digital Rhetoric, and Philosophy of Information. His work focuses on data infrastructures and their role in creating informational ontologies for scientific research. The objective of his research is to understand how data infrastructures interact with society and then to apply this work by providing new opportunities for social change in policy-making.