External Research Partners

Ihor Junyk, PhD.Ihor Junyk, PhD

Ihor Junyk is an Associate Professor of Cultural Studies at Trent University. His work on literature and visual culture has appeared in top humanities journals such as Grey RoomComparative LiteratureModern Fiction Studies, and the Open Arts Journal. His book, Foreign Modernism: Cosmopolitanism, Identity, and Style in Paris is published by the University of Toronto Press. A selection of his publications can be found here: https://trentu.academia.edu/IhorJunyk

His interests intersect with those of the lab in the areas of the digital humanities and media archaeology. He is interested in exploring the ways that digital tools and technologies can help to analyze, map, and visualize aspects of literary and visual culture typically approached via hermeneutical methods. He is also interested in the ways that media and technology may provide the preconditions for the emergence of new forms of culture and what historical study of “dead” media might tell us about the digital present.

Jonathan Obar - Decimal LabJonathan Obar, PhD

Jonathan Obar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at York University. He also serves as a Research Associate with the Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law at Michigan State University. His research appears in a variety of academic journals and addresses the impact digital technologies have on civil liberties, civic engagement, and the inclusiveness of public culture. Two examples of his privacy research relevant to the Decimal Lab are: “The Biggest Lie on the Internet: Ignoring the Privacy Policies and Terms of Service Policies of Social Networking Services” and “Big Data and the Phantom Public: Walter Lippmann and the Fallacy of Data Privacy Self-Management”.